LexicEN English Dictionary & Thesaurus

English-English Dictionary and Thesaurus for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch 

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LexicEN is a fast, offline dictionary that features: 

• FAST, OFFLINE SEARCH - no Internet connection necessary! 

• LARGE DATABASE - more than 150.000 words with definition, pronunciation, example sentences, synonyms, antonyms and similar words. 

• INTERACTIVE TEXT - tap on any word to look it up immediately. 

• INCREMENTAL SEARCH - the results are updated as you type. 

• HISTORY - access any of the last 50 words that where looked up with one tap. Browse forward and backward in your search history by swiping. 

• CUSTOMIZABLE FAVORITES - create categories for your favorites to organize your bookmarked words. 

• PRONUNCIATION EXAMPLES - tap on the pronunciation of a word to see examples of all symbols used (IPA Notation). 

• UNIVERSAL APP - optimized for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch!